The day I ran away to join the (Marvelous Mechanical) circus

Well not quite a circus although there was plenty of circus type action too. No, I actually went to Compton Verney and to see the permanent British Folk Art exhibition and the Marvelous Mechanical Museum display.  (MMM)

In such a beautiful setting, it’s a must for British Folk Art fanciers like myself. I even got to see a pieces by a few of my heros: Elizabeth Allen; George Smart and in the MMM display Paul Spooner and Sam Smith .

It was an enlightening day out partly because I had been so desperate to go for so long and partly because of what wasn’t there are as much as what was. I can say I will be going again but I can’t say it is the folk art mecca I had hope it might be. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Elizabeth Allen Population Explosion

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