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So much to report!

Well what a time it has been. So first of all a big hello and lots of love to you.

Here are a couple of highlights from my last few months.

My exhibition at Kooroon / Old Sort House was a great success. Thank you to all those that came and bought too.

I’ve since recorded a video of the PollyWhistle Penny Museum which you can view on the PPM page.

The new Mermaids were particularly well received and there are images a plenty on the Mermaid page.

I thoroughly enjoyed running the accompanying Feral Fairies Paper Puppet Making workshop, which resulted in some quite extraordinary creations.

Paper puppet creations made during recent PollyWhistle workshop

Unfortunately  had to cancel another workshop as the Covid 19 problems hit but am looking forward to programming more for later on.

However, I have enjoyed time at home making (in between working at my local Post Office). I finished a commission for two art dolls that are being used to illustrate two chapters in a book. As such I can only share a little info about these are present, which you can find on the Commissions page.

Link image to commissions page

I’ve also been up to my ears in dust and paint, refurbishing Parker House Gallery, the story of which you can find on the PHG page.

PollyWhistle Matilda Doll making work in progressAND nose deep in glorious vintage linens and brightly coloured thread working on a new doll design in the form of Matilda here. Still very much a work in progress she builds on the pattern I made for my initial Laid To Rest characters, some of which I have also used in more mixed media experiments as explained on the Doll Making page.

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