Mermaids Song

Image of mermaid art doll described in textThe Mermaids Song is a poem originally written to accompany this mermaid art doll made in 2019. 

Approximately 30cm tall she is made with cotton painted white and vintage fabric tail. She is filled with wool stuffing giving her a really solid feel and I used vintage reclaimed lace for her bodice. The fine alpaca wool hair was a nightmare to work with but gives her a lightness that is ideal for the ephemeral feel I wanted. Her features are embroidered, which if I made another I might paint instead.  

This poem has now become the focus for some explorations in alternative illustration techniques.  It’s a perfect project for developing new skills in more traditional 2D mediums and very much a work in progress.  

Black mermaid art dolls as described in text I have continued with my mermaid art dolls explorations too. I created this one in fabric, painted in layers of black acrylic paint with a brushing of cooper inks over the textured tail and face. Presented in a glass bowl on a bed of drift wood sticks it was made using my own pattern,  the same as used for my other fabric mermaid art dolls as seen here and in more detail on the Small Folk – Mermaids page.