Parker House Gallery

In spring of 2019 I finalised on the purchase of a Georgian style building much in need of refurbishment and repair. I was extremely excited as I planned to turn the property into a contemporary art gallery, which I would programme and run by myself. I announced this to my friends via facebook, completely underestimating the huge amount of encouragement, support and offers of help I would receive.  

This left me feeling a little guilty because I had neglected to mention that Parker House is in fact a dollhouse.

Anyway. There followed a long period of stasis, as can happen with property development. Thankfully in Spring 2020 (and with the final infestation of cotton footed wasp moths ethically removed), I was able to begin refurbishment in earnest as is being documented on the Parker House Gallery Instagram account.

At the time of writing this we all still find ourselves in a period of lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. As such the launch date is still in discussion. More news will follow soon.