Laid To Rest

Laid to Rest – The Artful Obituary

PollyWhistle artist Jane Millum makes “weirdly beautiful” little people and their stories flutter around her as she works. In trying to capture these, she creates lives and histories that are never quite real yet never quite unreal either.

With an eternal fascination and joyful love of actual people and their captivating tales, Jane believes each of us is a patchwork of stories, all quite real yet somehow unreal too.

“Too often we see only a snapshot, one patch or perhaps a few if we are lucky and it is all too easy to ‘neglect to consider’ how the person stood in front of you is made up of a whole, big life. Sometimes it is only during occasions such as a funeral, that we learn more about someone’s patchwork than we ever did when they were alive.”

Mixing her own family folklore with imagined stories and snippets of news, Jane creates a body of flippant and whimsical work and asks us to consider the fleetingness of life, death and what stories make us who we think we are.