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Constance Thimbleton a new Commission

I was recently approached with regards to Angelic Frankle to see if she was for sale. As the central character in the on-going Laid to Rest project (a dedicated website and podcast for which will be launched in the new year!), I explained that she was not for sale. However, I could create “sister” characters complete with their own stories.

With a little further correspondence from the client, I was sent some beautiful pictures and insight into a favourite grandmother, a seamstress no less.

And so Constance Thimbleton was born, a dear friend of said grandmother during their time working together in their youth, all invented of course but perfectly ‘plausible’. Connie’s story unfolds in the form of a letter to Angelica Frankle from her “dear friend and favourite old soul” Betrum.

The full tale and images will be available on the new website. Join my mailing list to be kept updated. and do contact me if you wish to discuss a commission of your own.

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