Belvoir Angels

In October 2019 I took part in a joint exhibition with the wonderful artist Vanessa Stone at Kooroon Gallery. The focus was a selection of new interpretations of a local gravestone motif known as the Belvoir Angel.  

Found in churchyards throughout the Vale of Belvoir and surroundings areas, the Belvoir Angel is thought to be unique to this locale. However there are also ones to be found in America and the story of how they came about, who carved them and why the traveled so far is a mystery.

For this exhibition I created a faux-tale to explain their origins. In “The Original Angel” I presented a piece of aged silk applique, purportedly found in a family heirloom. I presented the work as real but did not expect that people would actually believe it to be true. It caused some excitement and I was quick to ensure people understood it was simply a tale I was telling.

“The Original Angel” Faux-lore piece

The piece was shown alongside other work exploring the motif in embroidery and a form of quilting. I also exhibited other examples of my doll making practice and the range of Androgynous Angels I have been making for a number of years, featuring a new Belvoir Angel inspired shape.

The project sparked many areas of new work for me I am still today exploring new interpretations of Belvoir Angels in stitch and illustration such as in the PollyWhistle Pop Up Carnival.