A Week of Frantic Dashing and pre Christmas cheer

This week I will be dashing about like a woman possessed (with Christmas spirit!) as it’s my busiest one for events.

Tonight I am at a beautifully considered gift event at Upper Broughton in Leicestershire.

Tomorrow my work is being set up at City Arts in Nottingham for their Christmas Advent pop up shop, along with a wide range of fantastic other artists.

And Sunday I am at my favourite local, The Dirty Duck in Woolsthorpe, Belvoir for their Christmas Market (one pub, four marquees, great food and live music – whoop whoop).

Then off to The Old Sorting House in my home village of Bottesford to set up in the foyer and create a window display ready for Kooroon Gallery‘s Christmas next Friday (6th & Sat 7th December).

All interspersed with finishing three commission and a trip to the German Embassy in London to swear an oath. Gosh, I do sound glamorous! (he he – I certainly don’t feel it!)

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